"I've hired Elka as a consultant, attended her trainings and received her professional guidance. No one I know has as much mastery when it comes to mixing business, art and spirit."

— Fundraising Consultant

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I'm a transformative coach and brand consultant with a background in creative entrepreneurship and spirituality. I've been in business since 1996, and I have more than a decade of coaching experience. Click here for details.

At heart, I am an artist. Business is an art. Communication is an art. Transforming consciousness is an art. As an artist, I seek to channel divine energy toward the creation of some good. That good may be a positive change in a client's life, an elegant articulation, the success of an enterprise, or an actual work of what we commonly call "art".

In addition to the professional services I offer, I also write (check out my blog and my book) and create original paintings.