Brand Consulting — I deliver words, images, and insight
to help you express your essence.

Transformative Coaching — I blend classical coaching, hypnotherapy, spiritual guidance, and energy work
to empower your soul's purpose.


Spiritual Entrepreneurs — Advance your world-changing agenda
Mindful Executives — Leverage your personal brand's potential
Soulful Creatives — Achieve success without selling out

Here are some results my clients have generated through our work:

* Increased business revenue

* Powerful brand images

* Effective communications

* More focus, courage, confidence

* Career recovery after job loss

* Greater creative expression

* Manifestation of love and life mate

* Achievement of weight loss and fitness goals

* Improved outlook and self-esteem

* Elimination of health distresses

* Expanded self-awareness and soul growth

* Passage through major life transitions

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