"Elka has made a great and lasting effect on my life, art and pursuit of what I want. I no longer fear asking for what I want. I now know if I don't ask, it's less likely that I'll get it."
 — Event Producer

"Working with Elka has been the best bit of intuition I've ever followed through on. Our coaching sessions helped lead me to greater clarity and confidence in my vision. She walked me through bringing what started out as vague feelings and ideas into a beautiful, sustainable, real-world container for my dreams."
 — Spiritual Entrepreneur

"Elka's expertise in branding, business, and coaching enable her to guide her clientele in identifying, and manifesting their highest visions for themselves and their businesses. Elka layers these different skills to create a singularly unique tapestry of success."
 — Massage Therapist

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"After a session with Elka, I feel strong, confident and centered. I always walk out of Elka's office feeling like a million bucks."
 — Attorney

"An hour session with Elka has proven to be more healing for me than a year of any other energy work I've had done. Elka is able to personalize each session using her intuitive abilities and her huge heart to create a safe place to do life-altering work."
 — Artist

"My sessions with Elka have resulted in profound changes. I am now more magnetic and not as self-conscious or needy. I am now ready to put myself out there and begin to live my destiny!"
 — Litigation Consultant

"Elka is a 5 star professional! I have worked with Elka as a personal coach. Her ideas are anchored in reality yet are highly creative, fun and fulfilling. Money spent on her services is some of the best money I've EVER spent!"
 — Spiritual Entrepreneur